Monday, June 21, 2010

David Rodigan on the State of Reggae Today

Here's David Rodigan commenting on the state of the current sounds coming out of Jamaica today. He asks "What happened to the sweetness?" in today's dancehall music, a question that we all have asked at one point or another. To those who say that Rodigan plays exactly the same types of dancehall music that he now claims to disdain it needs to be noted that he is a professional radio DJ and the man is playing what the people want. No matter what your opinion of Mr. Rodigan is this interview is truly a joy to watch as it is apparent that his true love is the original 60's & 70's sound of Ska, Rocksteady, & Early Reggae.
**Hat Tip to Pama Forum member Dub Boy for first posting this at PF**


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