Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Fastest Man In The World - Comes From Yard! Usain Bolt!

While the local Sports Media here in the SF Bay Area have been relentlessly speculating about the recent revelations of the alleged pugilistic episode between members of The Oakland Raiders' coaching staff, another event with much more significance has played played itself out on the world stage at the 2009 IAAF World Championships in Berlin. I am writing of course about the Jamaican Track & Field superstar Usain Bolt's astonishing performance in Berlin's Olympiastadion this past week. Two Track and Field World Records (one of them, the 100 meter was already held by Bolt) were consigned to the ash heap by Bolt's remarkable speed. First, he broke his own World Record in the men's 100 meter clocking a phenomenal 9.58 seconds. In doing this Bolt broke his own previously held World Record which was 9.68 seconds! It took the human race close to 17 years to bring down the best 100 meters time from 9.86 to 9.72, which was Bolt’s first World Record. In another 15 months, he has brought it down to 9.58. Sports statisticians say this is 20 years ahead of schedule!!
In the 200 meters at Berlin, Panama’s Alonso Edward finished closest to Bolt, though one is not sure if the word “near” can be used to talk about someone who was 0.62 of a second behind. The 200 meters world record perhaps carries a little more significance as it had been broken only four times since electronic timing began in 1977 — Bolt broke it the fifth time.
Now, Bolt is the Olympic and world champion in both 100 and 200 meters and holds both world records — it’s something no one has done before. And to think of it, Bolt, six foot five, was once considered too tall to be a sprinter as tall men are slower off the blocks.
Big ups and 'nuff respect to Usain Bolt, and to all the people of Jamaica.
Usain Bolt 100 Meter 9.58 Seconds!!

Usain Bolt 200 Meter 19.19 Seconds!!


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