Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lynn Taitt 1940-2010

Another loss from the Golden Era of Jamaican music: Trinidadian-born guitarist and steel-pan player Nerlynn (Lynn) Taitt, whose distinctive and innovative guitar work helped shape and define rocksteady, passed away today from a long battle with blood cancer. Taitt was brought to Jamaica in 1962 by Byron Lee to back calypso artists but stayed on, playing through the ska era (Treasure Isle) before moving to Federal, WIRL and Studio One. His last group before emigrating to Canada in 1968 was Lynn Taitt and the Jets, one one of Jamaica's principal rocksteady bands.

Ultimately taking up residence in Montreal, he appeared on stage briefly at the "Rocksteady: the Roots of Reggae" concert there, but was unable to perform. Lynn played 14 different instruments.

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